Physiotherapist in Poynton, Sale and Swinton

Able 2 Physio is one of the leading physiotherapists in the Poynton,  Sale and Swinton areas providing fast and effective Physiotherapy, Neurological Rehabilitation and have a special interest in Scar Treatment. We offer a FREE face to face consultation if you want any advice or are unsure if physiotherapy can help you and we always provide hands on individual treatment, targeted to your needs.

Physiotherapy assessments

Able 2 Physio will give you a thorough assessment, and after diagnosing the problem will explain the reason for your symptoms in clear, easy to understand language. We look for the imbalances in your body that could be causing the complaint, then work with you to optimise your body’s alignment and function, targeting our treatment to the problems identified.

Physiotherapy Treatments

Able 2 Physio has clinics in Poynton, Sale and Swinton. As leading physiotherapists, we can offer home visits particularly for our care for the elderly services. Please click on the type of physiotherapy treatment you are looking for on the left hand side of the page, and visit our About Us section to find out more. To book an appointment please call 01625 460382 or 07869 139088 or e-mail

If you are looking for a leading physiotherapist in the Cheshire and Salford regions, you need not look any further than Able 2 Physio.

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