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Relieve your pain, feel looser, walk taller and move more easily again with expert physiotherapy, tailored and local to you.________

Do you find yourself saying…?

  • My knee/shoulder/back just went…
  • I can’t get any relief from the pain
  • How? When? Will I get back to normal?

You can with Able2 Physiotherapy & Pilates

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Start visualising the life you want to lead, because you’re already on the path to recovery.

Uncovering the underlying cause of pain is more straightforward than many people think.

And recovering from injury is much faster when accompanied by effective, focused physiotherapy and exercise.

Here’s what a patient with lower back pain said: “Able2 Physio are really holistic!  Of all the mainstream physios I have tried over the years, no one has ever pinpointed the cause of my lower back pain and explained how it is linked to my neck and shoulder pain.  My pain eased after the first session… read more

Find the cause of your pain and begin to eradicate it once and for all – enjoy life to the full again!

Unlike traditional physiotherapy which focuses only on the present symptoms, Able2 Physiotherapy & Pilates uses a unique process that examines and analyses your whole body.

This thorough and personalised approach, developed by Able2, begins by understanding the demands of your lifestyle, your posture, how you stand and sit, and how you move.

It investigates your whole body to identify areas of weakness, such as unlevel shoulders or a stiff lower back.

By understanding WHY your symptoms are occurring the root causes can be targeted, alleviating discomfort more quickly and effectively.

Treatment is a combination of massage and hands-on mobilisation. Specialist physiotherapy handling techniques are used to activate and stretch weak areas. Your whole body is strengthened and rebalanced, reducing the chance of additional pain or injury.

Because we are all different, simply relying on generic exercises and programmes can be dangerous. That’s why you’ll receive both a customised Physiotherapy Plan and a personalised Pilates-style exercise programme designed with your lifestyle in mind, to get you back to doing the things you love!

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