Testimonials 2013

Able 2 Enabled Kathy Webb to ease her pain straight away.

“Able2 physio are really holistic!  Of all the mainstream physios I have tried over the years, no one has ever pinpointed the cause of my lower back pain and explained how it is linked to my neck and shoulder pain.  My pain eased after the first session with Vickie but after being ill for so long I really want to get completely right and I can now see why the six sessions or so provided on the NHS is woefully inadequate.  What Vicki does is all encompassing.
I have also been to several osteopaths over 4 decades and been ‘clicked’ back into place, but it did not last and I had to keep returning. Vickie’s gentle manipulation and exercise suggestions enable the body to readjust itself in a very natural way.  She did the exercises with me and made sure I got them absolutely right.  They weren’t hard at all and now when I feel a slight pain I just do a couple and it goes away.  I felt as if the exercises were strengthening my body to keep its new position and the pains have not returned.  This is much better for the body and longer lasting than being ‘clicked back’ into place.
Vickie gives clear and open explanations for everything she does. She seems to instinctively know why you are in pain, where the pain is coming from and then gets right to the source of it.  I have learned so much about how my body works from coming as well as being pain free for the first time in years.”

Able 2 Enabled Janice Hudson to feel more confident walking.

“I am learning all these things to do which are helping me , and I am finding I don’t have to do them all at once and it helps. I can do them anywhere: in the queue at the supermarket. It relaxes you because you’ve not got aches, it’s disappeared! I also feel more confident walking and getting on an escalator, I don’t feel under pressure for others around me rushing me.I can stand up now with confidence, I can sit down and stand up… that’s all it is, confidence!”

Able 2 Enabled Linda Hunt to have a thorough assessment.

“It was a thorough assessment, explained and demonstrated well with lots of advice given.”

Able 2 Enabled John Smith to stand tall for the first time in 40 years and reduce his back pain.

“I went to my Doctor with a back problem, pain in my lower back, was sent for X-rays, results from my Doctor, “Your back’s knackered,” nothing I can do. So I went to see Vickie. Vickie has helped to reduce the pain, showing me how to stand correctly and generally making me stand tall for the first-time in 40 years. The pain has gone away now and I feel much better and more confident too. There is still work to do to complete the process along with more ‘homework’ of daily exercises.”

Able 2 Enabled William Moss to understand the cause of his knee pain.

“I have been using Vickie’s services for a couple of months because of problems with my left knee. What impressed me most is that she looks at the whole body, not just the area I think is hurting! And she works on all the relevant areas, as well as giving exercises to do at home.”

Able 2 Enabled Nick Wealleans to halve his recovery time whilst training for a marathon.

“While training for a marathon I assumed as it was low impact exercise I didn’t need to stretch before or after training. However Vickie explained the benefits and gave me some simple stretches to complete before and after training. The results have been great, I have less aches and pains running, but most importantly have found that my recovery time has halved so I am able to train more often.”

Able 2 Enabled Claire to significantly reduce her chronic pain.

“I strongly recommend Vickie as a Physiotherapist. I have seen numerous Physiotherapists over 11 years’ worth of chronic back pain, been offered morphine patches by pain management clinics etc, however Vickie is the one who is making a huge difference. She immediately noted a condition I was born with, which doesn’t help matters, Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in which my joints dislocate and cause me daily pain. Unbeknown to me in the past, this is why less sensitive therapy/treatment has left me hurting for days because it was ‘too much’ for my already weakened joints. Vickie has been using ‘neuro-physiotherapy’ on me and the gentleness of this treatment seems to be working wonders. I can now get through a week without dreadful pain and what is still there, is much less! I will continue to see Vicki and would highly recommend her…particularly if no other treatment has worked for you as you may need Vickie’s approach. I would also not hesitate to recommend her to the Hypermobile community out there…”


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