Testimonials for Able2 Physio

Able 2 Enabled Rachael to run more easily.

“Just wanted to share this with you – after my appointment yesterday, my leg felt better than it has in ages – in as long as I can remember! At bootcamp I was able to run more freely than I have in over a year. I was wondering what would happen with sprints as I could hardly stand on one leg in my appointment, but it was great and I felt like I was flying along! We didn’t run any long distances last night, but I felt like I got a glimpse of how running can be for me when my leg is completely healed 🙂

Feeling very positive and motivated to keep building on these improvements. Just wanted to let you know and say thank you, as you know this has been an issue for a long time now.
Can’t wait to get out running again and test out my new leg at a longer distance!!”

Rachael Kirk


Able 2 Enabled Brenda to be pain free after just a couple of weeks.

“I had really chronic back pain last December after coughing and pulling muscles around my back and rib area.  I had a virus and this was the result. I spent Christmas and New Year horizontal as I could only stand for a short time or lie down. I was unable to sit down at all most of the time. Fortunately, I met Vickie in January at a networking event and asked her if I could make an appointment with her and briefly outlined what I thought the problem was. Vickie was very thorough and asked me all about what had happened as well as my previous injuries. Then Vickie did my body map and discovered that I had a fallen arch on my right foot, curvature of the spine and a twisted pelvis.  On my second visit I was given some insoles to wear and some exercises to do. It was the first time for weeks that I had been pain free. I can’t thank Vickie enough for her help and expertise. Her therapy structure is excellent and logical. I have learned so much about this body that I have taken for granted for years, and I have looked at the way I live my everyday life and made changes to the was I lift, carry and move. It has made a huge difference to my energy levels as I am no longer carrying too much or straining myself. I have recommended Vickie to a colleague who is really pleased to have used, and continues to use her services, and I will continue to promote Vickie as a respected professional.”

Thank you so much Vickie.

Brenda Stafford Cert Ed (FE).


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