Testimonials 2010


“So you have just been discharged from hospital after having a stroke or some other medical condition. However, sadly your rehabilitation will now have probably finished, since after discharge there is only limited support provided by the NHS. However, it is at this critical time that you will probably require physiotherapy for additional help with, for example walking or physical pain in your joints etc, but the NHS will not provide this care at this particular time.

The solution to this problem is to do as I did and contact Able 2 Physiotherapy Specialists. These are highly trained and qualified physio’s who will come out to your home. This essential physio will allow you to get back to normal life as soon as possible. I think it is one of the best choices you can make, and I can confirm this since I have used Able 2 Physio on many occasions, and it made my recovery so much quicker and has possibly prevented any long term problems.”

“So please contact Able 2.”

Karen Pheasant

“I first visited Vickie due to a shoulder problem. I was impressed by her whole body approach, which pin-pointed the source of the problem and also identified the cause of other more severe and long standing symptoms, which I had believed were due to a back problem, (which had been confirmed by my GP and an X-ray). In fact it was a postural issue, which I now understand and can significantly alleviate through the exercises that Vickie showed me. I have now begun running again.”

Salford Royal NHS Trust, Dept of Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery

“I reviewed this lady today on behalf of Mr Khan in the post-op clinic who underwent a left total knee replacement in April 2010. I brought her back to the clinic today as when I initially saw her post-op she was struggling with pain and stiffness in her knee. Since she was last in clinic things have progressed well. She is attending the gym four times per week and she is also seeing a Private Physiotherapist. Her knee movement and strength is improving and her scar is now healing really well.”

Mary Hamilton

“I have had chiropractic treatment to my back for a number of years. Recently my chiropractor advised additional strengthening of my back via pilates and assessment by the instructor.

“I joined Able 2 Physio just over a month ago when I found out that Vicky was offering physiotherapy and pilates on a 1:1 basis at my local Ladies’ Workout Express. My initial session involved an extensive consultation. Following this I had back manipulation and was introduced to a couple of pilates exercises to be practiced at home. Within days I noticed a dramatic improvement – my pain on the right-hand side almost disappearing. I have had a further four sessions, learning additional exercises, and continue to be pleased with the benefits obtained in terms of pain relief and mobility.”


“Before coming to Vicky despite going to physio, my leg was very static and wearing clothes became painful as the friction created by movement against my scar became very painful.

“Since seeing Vickie I have greater movement and the scar has become less painful and more flexible. I feel that I have progressed at a great pace with the help of Vickie and I’m now confident that I will get a good result from my knee replacement where before I wondered whether I had done the right thing.”

Elaine Carrara

“After two operations on my left shoulder, mobility in my arm was restricted and it caused me some pain.

I had 5/6 sessions with Vicky and I can honestly say movement has improved enormously and I am virtually pain free. I can thoroughly recommend Vicky as a physiotherapist.”


“I was very impressed by Vicky’s professionalism and enthusiasm. After my first session, I felt a difference in my back. Vicky seemed to know what the problem was immediately, I was very impressed. She explained everything thoroughly and frequently asked if I was okay and did I have any questions. I have had two sessions now and have noticed a large improvement in my back and posture.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Able 2 Physio.”


“I moved to Rochdale after I had a massive stroke. In Birmingham, I had a good physiotherapy – the family insisted strongly as the NHS was not very keen on carrying on after 6 weeks of sessions. As I settled in Rochdale, the NHS did not kick in straight away and the family had to insist and only after a few months the NHS provided the service. In the meantime the family was forced to hire the service privately as I was going backwards. After a while the NHS kicked in but soon gave up saying that I will not improve any more. Able 2 Physio had already done wonders by helping me once a week. I asked Vicky to come three times a week and it did wonders – I’m 95% better for what was to begin with – not being able to move or speak at all to being able to move the area which was badly affected! I’m sure with the help of Able 2 Physio, I will conquer the other 5% of disability. Where would I be without Able 2 Physio?”

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