Testimonials 2009

Mr. R. Wilson, Bolton.

This gentleman was involved in a terrible Road Traffic Accident and sustained severe whiplash and a broken ankle which then developed complications. He has had severe pain for 4 years until receiving this course of physiotherapy.

“The physiotherapy I have received from July has been fantastic. The pain has reduced in the lower back and my left ankle. I have reduced the amount of painkillers due to the great work of the physiotherapist Vickie Cork. I would recommend her work to anybody else who is seeking physiotherapy”

wishes to remain Anon, Sale

This lady was suffering with Sciatica and was struggling getting around her house.

“For myself at 86 years old, I am now in the happy position of having survived 2 falls downstairs, a fall upstairs, a fall on the ice, a road traffic accident and cracked at least 2 bones I am aware of, all of that fairly recently to say nothing of intermittent Sciatica. I had definitely taken my body framework for granted until one day, after digging up potatoes in the garden, I just could not move.

An observant GP was called, referred me to Vickie of ABLE 2, who at the time had just started her own practice after spending over 10 years working in the NHS.

She has treated me 5 times, I can get up without pain and am more flexible. I was given simple exercises at first, and then massage on my back.

I really think she can see pain through her fingertips (daft as it sounds) because it goes very quickly! If you have any pain in your bones, do not wait 86 years before you know what help a reliable physiotherapist can give you”

Mrs S. Cruickshank, Wigan

This lady has suffered with a bad back for many years which had caused problems with her posture and comfort.

“As you know, I attended 5 sessions of physio with you. Since this treatment I have felt a great deal of comfort and find my posture has greatly improved and my back pain has eased greatly. I can now walk more comfortably.”

Mr. P. Wilson, Wigan.

This gentleman has been diagnosed with M.S for over 20 years and was told by an NHS physiotherapist that nothing more could be done for him before receiving physio from ABLE 2.

“I have gained a lot more strength in my legs. You have helped me to gain confidence in standing (even if it is only to pull up my trackie pants) I am not having so many spasms in my legs during the night. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding”

wishes to remain anonymous, Littleborough

This gentleman suffered a severe Stroke and was struggling to stand. His family was starting to struggle with everyday basic activities and his wife was finding it difficult to cope.

“Vickie was recommended to us over a year ago, after my husband suffered a stroke. We had received no physiotherapy from the NHS and his condition was worsening. Thanks to her patience and persistence, he is no longer confined to a wheelchair, but can walk by himself round the house and garden using his stick, and with assistance he can walk down the street. His confidence has improved 100% and Vickie is now concentrating on bringing movement back to his arm.”

wishes to remain anonymous, Wigan

This gentleman has been diagnosed with MS for the past 20 years and was having difficulty walking:

“Although I’ve only received 5 visits so far, the effects of the treatment have been quite noticeable i.e. improved posture, awareness of the everyday things I do wrong and essentially better co-ordination when walking. I really feel I’m getting somewhere and that with a few more visits and words of advice from Vickie that things can only get better”

Mr Parr, Bolton

This gentleman was suffering with Sciatica. He had already been prescribed some exercises by another physiotherapist but these had made the pain much worse and he was confined to his house.

“Over the last 4 weeks as you know I have had a very severe attack of Sciatica which left me unable to move from my chair. Now, due to your expert manipulation to my back, I am now able to move out and about, and use the shower.

I would like to say to you a great big thank you for the time and effort you put into my welfare, and I would also like to show my appreciation by writing this letter to you.

During our conversations you spoke of your goals and aspirations to your profession. I am sure you are going to make it to the very top if you treat everyone in the same pleasant and effective way you have treated me. I felt that we related to one another so well that I think this too contributed to my well-being, and over the next week or so a full recovery will be achieved.

Finally, I wish you all the best in your chosen career now and in the future.”

Dr Tarek Gaber. MBBCh,MRCP,MSc,FRCP

Dr Gaber is a Neuro-Rehabilitation Consultant, Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust and author of Case Studies in Neurological Rehabilitation (Paperback)

“Vickie worked alongside me for a year and I was delighted to see her consistently giving 100% and building such a good rapport with all of our patients. I was always happy when on their next consultation with me, I can see the wonderful results she can achieve.”

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