Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and Pilates Classes in Poynton.

ABLE2 Physiotherapy and Pilates is a leading 5 star Google rated Rehabilitation clinic and studio in the heart of Poynton, on the crazy roundabouts. We are a team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists providing hands-on treatments, advice, education, and rehabilitation exercise programmes which are formulated specifically for you and your problem.

We offer a range of services: Physiotherapy, Pilates Classes, Sports Massage and Sports Therapy and some Physiotherapy Home Visits, so anyone of any age or ability can receive the treatment they for however long it takes for you to feel better and enjoy living life on your terms again, doing the things you need and love to do without pain or restriction.

We can help you to:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Increase your mobility
  • Restore your confidence, performance and enjoyment in doing the things you love or need to do without the fear of restriction.

What are you struggling with right now?

What do you want to be able to do?

Call us or let us know what your problem is here so we together start to investigate the cause of your pain or restriction and help you stop avoiding things you really want to be able to do, or if you book you into one of our Pilates Classes or in for an invigorating Sports Massage please call or click here

We can help you to get you back to being live an active, full life again, doing what you want to do without the fear of pain, falling, or making it worse. Become confident, stronger, and fitter again then learn how to stay that way or even improve your performance…

At ABLE2, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy will help you to uncover and learn why you are getting the pain, limitation, or injury, and what we can do to treat it. We can start treatment and help you to feel better in your first appointment

Find out what’s holding you back and how you can return to an active life, fitness, having confidence in your body again. Click here

Our services Sports Massages, Pilates Classes, BeActivated Therapy and Maintenance Therapy treatment programmes can help you to keep doing the things you enjoy for longer, to perform better and feel better.

Take control in strengthening, enhancing, and boosting your body, making it even stronger and more flexible, resilient, and able to withstand the challenges our bodies face through sport or general lifestyle, working postures, or as we get older.

Call us or click here to find out more how we can help you

ABLE2 Physiotherapy and Pilates:

  • Gives you a thorough, holistic, assessment using our specialist method of systematically analysing the body’s Structures, Alignment, Movement Patterns, Strength and Flexibility to try to determine what are the key factor causing your pain and limitations.
  • Explains to you what we have found in easy to understand language, using models, images and body charts to help it make sense to you.
  • Can start treatment straight away, focussing on these key factors identified as causing your pain.
  • Prescribes exercises specifically for your condition and your ability level that are reviewed every session to ensure you are confident doing them and that they are still the right ones to help you get stronger, perform and feel better.
  • Provides Physio- led Pilates Classes, Sports Massages and are here for you to help you to have a high quality of life, perform at the highest level you can, and

We will always be honest with you and if we can’t help you, or if you need onward referral to another specialist or professional, we will help you get the right help that you need.

Call us or click here to book or find out more. Start taking control of your body and feel or perform better now.

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