How to Correct Posture with Physiotherapy

Able 2 Physio can give you a ‘Postural MOT’. This involves an analysis of your posture and we report back to you about where your ‘Hot Spots’ are. Hot Spots are areas of your body that are probably already giving you some pain, or are likely to cause you problems in the future.

Postural Realignment

A Postural Realignment, which helps you correct your posture will also involve hands on treatment, palpating the spine and other relevant joints, in order to identify and start to reduce any stiffness in them. Gentle handling techniques will also be used to try and realign your posture during the session.

Our Basic Session is 30 minutes and our Advanced Session is 60 minutes.

Contact us to book your Postural MOT and find out how to correct your posture.

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