Care for the Elderly

One of physiotherapy’s main objectives is to help you to improve your mobility – be it in and out of bed or walking more easily, more quickly or a longer distance. We can also help to improve the quality of your walking, make it less of an effort to walk, less painful and to look more normal to yourself and others.

There can be many reasons why you may be struggling with your walking. Maybe you have had a fall, got suddenly or progressively weaker due to your condition, or after a recent illness. It can often have been getting worse over a long time, but physiotherapy is highly effective at turning this around and helping you to walk better. We’ll give you a thorough assessment to identify the key reasons why you are struggling to walk and provide a treatment plan, which will work on all of those things. We can also advise you which walking aid is most appropriate for you and teach you how to use it most effectively.

Contact Able 2 Physio if you are struggling with your mobility. If you are restricted to you house, please request a Home Visit.

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