Free Assessment from Able2 Physio

Able 2 Physio offers you the opportunity to have a free personal assessment of your problems and needs if you are not sure if physiotherapy can help you. There are a limited number of these sessions on each day, so if you know physiotherapy can help you, then it will be best for you to book an official assessment where you can choose a date and time when you will be thoroughly assessed and have a treatment plan devised immediately, enabling you to get on with your recovery straight away.

If you do choose to have the free assessment then this will take place in the clinic closest to you or in your home if you have poor mobility and cannot get to the clinic.

The assessment will last up to 30 minutes and will take the history of your condition, your current symptoms, your medical history, and the physiotherapist will make a quick assessment of your posture, function and briefly palpate and test your movements and functional ability.

Your physiotherapist will then give you an easy to understand analysis of what is causing your problem and what Able 2 Physio will be able to do to help you.

Once Able 2 Physio has demonstrated that they will be able to help you, you will be able to book a treatment session where a treatment plan will be implemented in order to resolve your problems.

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