Vickie Cork. Physio-Led Rehab Pilates Instructor

All of our classes are instructed by Vickie in our Pilates Studio in Poynton. Vickie is a Qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor with over 20 years of experience. Vickie was first trained by Body Control Pilates back in 2006 and is currently updating her qualification bringing you the most up to date, practical teaching to the classes.¬† Our classes focus on the fundamentals of classical Pilates and are Physio-Led Rehab Pilates so they are almost like Physiotherapy exercises.¬†Physio-Led Pilates is perfect for people who are concerned about exercising due to recovering from an injury, back pain, neck pain or have limited inability to exercise. Our classes are small classes so Vickie can keep a close eye on you individually so you know you are doing it safely and effectively, at the right level for you. Our classes are suitable for people who are new to Pilates, those who have done it before and those who want to master the principle of Pilates and know they are doing it right. You may use small equipment like Pilates Rings, Light Weights and Resistance Bands in the classes, under Vickie’s expert guidance.



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