Core Exercises

Many of our modern day luxuries may be a vital part of our lives, but they are helping to destroy our postures. Sitting in cars, on comfy sofa’s, at desks or with laptops on our laps in front of the TV – they are all causing us to lose our body’s natural posture and core stability.

Core Stability

Core Stability is what our body has in order to maintain our shape and form, and to help to control our movements, making moving and our daily activities more easy and efficient.

Core Stability is the basis of all of our movements and is the foundation of Able 2 Physio’s philosophy and treatment.

Core Stability training can help you tone your body and regain your optimum posture. This allows you shape up and find movements or activities easier and less painful. It does however take time and commitment to master, and must be continued in the long term with regular reviews and facilitation to maintain the benefits.

Contact Able 2 Physio if you are interested in learning more and want to start to learn how re-align and stabilise your core.

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