Exercise Plans

Able 2 Physio is able to provide very comprehensive, simple to follow exercise plans and handouts specific to your needs.

The software we have at our fingertips, Exercise Pro V5, has over 3200 individual exercises, which can be further modified for your individual needs. Your physiotherapist will select the appropriate exercises for you and develop them into an exercise plan, which can then be practised with, and facilitated by your physiotherapist, which will be built on as you progress through your physiotherapy treatment.

All exercises have a clear diagrammatic picture of what you have to do and also simple step by step instructions for you to follow. You can also receive a Date Grid that you can tick off every time you have done your exercise for the day. This can help to motivate you to do your exercises – as we all know doing our exercises is not always our favourite thing to do in a day.

Even if you don’t have any symptoms, but know you have weakness in some parts of your body, why not contact Able 2 Physio and we can design a specific exercise plan for you.

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