Gym Education

Going to the gym is now very popular whether you are male or female, and amongst all ages. So many things can be achieved there, that you go to achieve you own goals – whether it be increasing cardiovascular fitness, shaping up, losing weight or putting on muscle bulk.

Able 2 Physio is not a Personal Trainer, but we can help you to use the equipment there in a better way in order for you to achieve you goal quicker and minimise injury.

Despite the machine you use or exercise you have been advised to do being described as working for instance your back, if you do not use it in the correct posture, height settings and weights, then you could be using a different muscle entirely such as your biceps (arms) It is very easy to use the equipment in this incorrect way, causing you to miss out on what you are trying to achieve and it can also cause injuries if you end up overusing a certain muscle or muscle group during your workouts.

Contact Able 2 Physio and we can arrange a session to help you with your Gym Education, then facilitate you to get the most from your workout whilst minimising your risk of injury.

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