Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen at any time and at any level of the sport you are playing. It can also be a misleading term and can encompass any injury to the body at any time, such as falling over and twisting your ankle or over reaching or lifting something heavy and damaging your shoulder. They can be caused by a traumatic force of falling or contact with another person, but they can also be as a result of postural imbalances within the body not being able to withstand the vigorous demands placed on it by the particular activity.

Able 2 Physio will take a thorough history of the injury and how it occurred and then assess the area of pain and treat accordingly. Hands on techniques such as frictions may be used if a ligament has been sprained or muscle torn, and massage as well as stretching are some techniques which may be used too. An exercise plan will be developed for you to regain the strength you will have lost through injury, which is given to you on an easy to follow handout or can be emailed to you.

Please note after sustaining an acute injury follow the RICE rules of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and seek medical advice if you are concerned it is a serious injury. Then contact Able 2 Physio for treatment.

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