Stroke Rehabilitation

Able 2 Physio works with you to help you to regain the use of your body and relieve any pain you are suffering with after a Stroke. We introduce and guide normal postures and patterns of movement back into your body, gradually encouraging you to do them yourself once more. That way you can start to do the things you used to enjoy and find so easy, like walking around and picking up objects such as a plate or a cup.

The earlier you start your stroke rehabilitation, the less ‘bad habits’ you will accidentally pick up, (as your body tries to compensate to what has happened to it) and the greater potential you have to recover control of your body. Able 2 Physio can continue the good work started in the Stroke Unit once you are discharged from hospital, and can also provide a course of treatment while you are waiting for your NHS physiotherapy to start. This way you have a better chance of realising your goals. What’s more, we believe that everyone who has suffered a stroke has the potential to improve however long ago your stroke was or if you have already been discharged from Physiotherapy.

Why not take advantage of our free personal consultation to find out whether we can help you. Call us now on 0161 613 9389.

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